Next Privacy Salon 09/05/18 – Ad networks are following you, follow them back

After the scandals surrounding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica everyday users are more aware than ever about what data gathering companies do with the information we wittingly or unwittingly provide to them. But what about the data we “provide” just by visiting a website? In this Privacy Salon we will look at what goes on “behind the scenes”.

“Ad networks are everywhere. They are annoying, intrusive, and every couple of month one of them gets compromised and does nasty things to visitors. But how bad is it in practice? This talk will present an open source tool aiming to help anyone figure out what is going on on a specific website.

We talk about going to webpages. But really, webpages come to us, and increasingly dozens of companies at a time do complicated and invisible things on our computers with every site we “visit”. This has gotten so obfuscated that popular websites using ad technology, plug-ins, and tools from various vendors are often as ignorant of what they’re serving as their users are of what they’re receiving. This has resulted in rampant privacy violations, broken features, and even major media sites unintentionally serving malware.

We made Lookyloo to help. Lookyloo builds a tree view of all domains loaded from a specific URL and what those domains are up to. It can traverse a site to a user-specified depth, mimicking a legitimate user. We will demonstrate how it works in practice and look at the information we can extract from it, seeing where our data is taken to.”


Rosi is away but we will again be doing an uptade on recent developments in the dodgy world of surveillance capitalism and how to maintain privacy and security despite the dishonourable behaviours found.  (As always, there may be some honourable mentions too 😉 )

Wednesday 09/05/18, 19:00

87 route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg

Luxembourg Digital Privacy Salon is free, intended for everyone, no prior technical expertise is assumed. This year the Privacy Salon is presented in collaboration with BEE SECURE in the frame of the campaign “Big Data – Who does what with my data?.”