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Privacy Salon Kids Special (bring your parents if you want) edition 01/10/16

To celebrate(?) the return to school we will he holding a kids special edition of the Privacy Salon on Saturday, October 1st from 11:00 to 13:30.

Kids from 8 to 14 years old can participate, and can invite their parents to take part too if they want. There will be a series of hands-on activities exploring how to use the internet in a more secure and private way. Free pizza will also be provided 😉

The event will take place at :
Level2 Hackerspace
87 route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg

Luxembourg Digital Privacy Salon is free, intended for everyone, no prior technical expertise is assumed.

More information:

Digital Privacy Salons are skill & knowledge sharing sessions which aim to teach people the basic ways of protecting themselves and their data from intrusive surveillance.

Generally the salons deal with how to have private conversations over instant messaging, how to encrypt emails, how to browse anonymously amongst other things.

It is very important that you leave the Privacy Salon with tools & knowledge you can use on a daily basis, and explain to your friends how to do it too. All the attendees should come with device(s) they want to install tools on.

– We’ll discuss why cryptography, anonymity and anti-tracking tools are important today
– We’ll install online anonymity tools
– We’ll secure our communications
– We’ll make sure we can’t be easily tracked online
– We’ll have a drink and a chat

Oh yes, and free pizza 😉

No prior technical expertise or knowledge is assumed, so ask away about anything

Next event: Saturday 01/10/16, 10:30 @Level2

Read @sachaheck post about a recent Salon here

Level2 Hackerspace
87 route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg