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Privacy Salon Special: Quinn Norton – Nothing Ever Ends (18/05)


At the Privacy Salon we are usually looking at how to protect and secure our data on networked devices. But we don’t always examine how we actually  got the Internet we have now nor what it’ll be like soon.

So we are pleased to present this Privacy Salon Special where Quinn Norton will be telling us how Nothing Ever Ends

Bio/description-y stuff: Quinn Norton, internet journalist and essayist, previously of Wired and The Message. I read too much history, use too much technology, obsess too much about security, know too much nerdy stuff, and am way too interested in the Mongolians.

Nothing Ever Ends is a fast romp though the history of computer and internet culture, from over two thousand years ago to several years in the future. I’ll tell the stories of some of key players in the history of the net, including the 19th century robber barons in America, Han dynasty feng shui practitioners, God, the RIAA, 90s software pirates, a little-know greek goddess, the Seattle Police Department. Over enough time, all the consequences become unintended. But all those unintended consequences give us the internet we have now, and the future we will have.

All will be revealed on May 18th, 19:00
Level2 Hackerspace
87 route de Thionville
L-2611 Luxembourg

There will probably be free pizza too 😉